Fight Club

By Sándor Márton Nagy

The first rule of Fight Club is:
You do not talk about Fight Club.

Dunaújváros is a small, post-socialist town in the middle of Hungary. Here, besides the city's architecture and the daily work of the metallurgical factory, the sport is crucial to the people. The local Women's Water Polo Club (hereafter DFVE) is amongst the best female water polo teams on the European level. However, the athletes' lives are much more difficult and complicated than the fans and visitors get to see. As humans, they also deal with emotional matters, but they work really hard, as a family, every hour and every day. The most important thing to them is to win the next game and to reach to team's goals throughout the season. To do so, "the first rule of Fight Club is that you do not talk about Fight Club."

Water polo is not a "pretty" sport; the fights are visible even from the poolside. But nobody really likes to speak about the injuries, neither the fans and especially not the players. The girls' time-table is packed from Monday to Saturday (sometimes on Sundays as well) with training and matches. There is no time for an injury simply because they cannot afford to stay at home. But the women of DVFE believe that they pay the price of success by injuries and pain. "No pain, no gain" – it is simple as that. Even if someone gets injured, they come back as soon possible and it is medically allowed.